To Prospective Clients of Tina Bishai: As I am a fairly open person and accept many ways of healing the mind, body and soul, the introduction to Tina by a dear friend was an easy one, but I must say not without some doubt. After spending much time with Tina and her amazing ability to work with healing spirits, the doubt is gone! The first time we had a session (and all have been long distance!), my walk outside after her work was truly eye opening as I have to say I immediately saw lights and colors in a way I have never seen before. Since then, we have worked together to calm my soul and my spirit and begin to work on creating a peaceful and stable wholeness for me. I have gained the peace, calm and the clarity that have evaded me for many years and as I have not had the cooperation of all those characteristics at once, I have to say that it is truly life changing to see this come into my life force at one time. It has been a step at a time and the love and spirit healing I have received from Tina’s work has allowed me to see things clearly, react to emotional situations in a stable and calm way and to begin to re-introduce lightness and happiness into my life. I look forward to working with Tina for many years to come as I believe that she truly harnesses the energy of the spirits and translates it in a way that will be a lifelong gift to my well being and happiness. Best to your journeys!
— Vicki

My son was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome when he was 5. Our biggest challenges at the time were with self-regulation, rigid thinking and getting “stuck” on things, desire to control, self-awareness (theory of mind), and of course, anxiety. He’s now 19. At 15, he experienced a mood disorder, which is 50% more likely to occur in individuals diagnosed with ASD.

After healings with Tina, he was far more expressive and engaged, much “lighter” in affect and was laughing and smiling for the first time in 4 years. He’s also displayed a much greater sense of independence. His appetite is much better than it has been – and he’s enjoying getting outside more.

I would happily recommend Shamanic sessions from Tina at Golden Healings. The aura clearing and the soul retrieval left me feeling calmer, more rested, and more comfortable in my own skin. The biggest difference has been an increase in my mental energy, leaving me able to go through daily life with less frustration and a greater sense of personal empowerment. I have also experienced a difference in my physical energy, feeling less fatigued and stronger. I am enjoying getting to know the Power Animal Tina retrieved, and look forward to cultivating a greater understanding of what this means. Tina is knowledgeable and skilled in her shamanic calling, and her gentle manner makes her sessions a wonderful experience. By the way, these treatments were all via distance healing!
— Michael

It is hard to put in to words how profoundly life changing working with Tina is and in such a short time frame. I had been suffering from a sore neck and constant daily headache and migraines. I tried chiropractic treatment and massage which usually take care of any neck pain and associated headaches I get. I also tried my medical doctor who did nothing but write me a prescription for heavy narcotic painkillers. Tina told me she would be able to help me and I was more than a bit sceptical as I had been trying to find relief for a few months.

She started with a soul retrieval and a reiki treatment which helped, but I found the most amazing relief when she did an extraction on me. I remember laying there rather nervous as she started and wondering what was going to happen. I could actually feel her pull dark heavy tired energy out of my body. As I relaxed I could feel my body helping to push out the energy. I didn’t want it anymore. Afterward I felt different, I looked different and my pain had gone from about an 8 to a 3. I remember feeling incredibly light and clean and clear. It is an experience that is so hard to put in to words as there were no real thoughts attached to it just wonderful calm feelings. And now I don’t have the migraine pain that I suffered from before having the shamanic treatment.

Working with Tina has made me far more mindful about my thoughts and feelings and how easy it is for me to get reattached to those negative thoughts and feelings which in my case always translate to aches and pains. It has made me far more aware of the body-mind connection. I am so thankful to have found someone who is able to help me address issues on a mental and spiritual level before they are able manifest in a physical manner.
— T Saloojee

Tina continues to take me on a spiritual journey filled with deep calm. Her passionate commitment to shamanism along with her intuitive friendly manner creates a safe environment to really let go and embrace the journey to it’s fullest. AND IT’S BEEN A LOT OF FUN ! Thank you Tina.
— Liz

My name is John and I live in Michigan. I was referred to Tina though friends of mine who were already working with her on their own healing path. They had really good things to say about her and the work she was doing so I reached out. She did an initial reading and called me to discuss the next steps. I was immediately struck by her warm and pleasant nature and her understanding of the process. Through a combination of soul retrievals, extractions and other shamanic practices, Tina systematically re-engineered me over the next few months and the results speak volumes of the practitioner and the practice. Not that I was skeptical in any way, but I didn’t fully comprehend the depth and profundity of what was going on. After each session (all through distant healing) I could literally feel that something had been done. I felt changed at a very deep level. Initially I felt lighter on my feet, as if weights I’d been carrying had been removed. As we progressed through the different practices I noticed a calm and peace had set in that didn’t go away. My daily meditations became more fluid and easy, less fighting the monkey mind. Maybe the monkey now had some space to relax and chill. I noticed lots of other little things, too, that all added up to the fact that I was now coming at things from a different perspective; one that is clearer and more vivid. For that I am very grateful. I don’t understand it all and quite frankly I don’t believe that’s necessary for these techniques to work. I consider Tina to be an exceptional practitioner who understands her craft and can bring about amazing change if you let her. I’ve had a spiritual practice for over 20 years involving meditation and yogic energy work, but never delved into Shamanism. Knowing what I know now after working with Tina, I would have gotten into it years ago.
— John