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Written by Tina Bishai

Happy New Year…..2023 is here AND is for us!

I want to explore the idea of spiritual alignment with you for the start of this beautiful year. For me, being aligned is in our way of Being first, then in our Doing. Being aligned with “Truth” (as in…the truth that you are light, the truth that you are love and loved; the truth that you are present; the truth that you are powerful). Whatever you believe to be your Truth….these are powerful statements, that need us to act a certain way. If I believe I am love and light, but then raise my voice and put others down, then this is not alignment. And no, it’s not about being perfect, but it is about being aware so that you can gently course-correct.

Spiritual alignment requires the complete presence of Being. This means we are in our bodies, experiencing what is before us. Feeling happy and content (which is our “aligned” state). If we can avoid being in our mind, thinking of all the things we need to get done, for example, and instead simply BE present with where we are and what we are doing….this is when miracles happen. This is when we are plugged into the power socket of life.

“When the basis for your actions is inner alignment with the present moment, your actions become empowered by the intelligence of life itself.” – Eckhart Tolle

Last year, I created an audio meditation based on Eckhart Tolle’s book, The Power of Now. I’ll share it with you here in this audio. If you practice it, make sure you envision the strength of your energy field all around you like a bright golden sun once the audio is complete. This will help to seal you up:)

There are a few habits that keep us away from presence and alignment. These habits are counter-intuitive to us being the powerful and wise creators we are. They are worry, fear, criticism/blame/judgment of self and others, and all the stories we tell ourselves are true and that we give meaning to, but in fact, are not. We often believe what we tell ourselves and give meaning to things that don’t serve us. We get to choose!

Photos taken by Tina Bishai

So how do we try our best to be aligned with the Truth of how we were created by the Creator? First, we become aware of what is needed. Then, we are gentle with ourselves as we course correct. Next, we create practices that can bring us into our presence fully – like the audio meditation I’ve shared with you above or other similar meditations. Also, create presence and reverence in your daily activities – like feeling the water’s temperature, consistency and pressure when you wash your hands and enjoying the experience as you give gratitude to the water for keeping your hands clean. Oprah once said, “Like spirituality itself, the simplest things, when appreciated with reverence, take on an entirely new meaning. Suddenly, that single blade of grass has gone from ordinary to poignant to explicit and finally miraculous in its beauty.”

If you take a look at the pictures in this newsletter, they’ll give you ideas of how and what spiritual alignment brings you – freedom and a straighter path. If we can revert to the experience of how we lived as a baby, this will remind us how to be. Does a young baby worry about the future, or are they completely enamored with what they feel in the moment? They are truly connected!

Spiritual alignment is also about understanding and feeling that we are not separate. That we are One (we come from One Source). The ego is what separates us, but unconditional love is what unites us. Unconditional love for ourselves and others. “Your life, just like mine, is unfolding according to your truth. No one has been through what you have been through, not in the way that you’ve experienced it. And yet, all pain is the same. Our sadness and sorrows, joys and triumphs bind us in the common thread of humanity. The sooner we realize the connection, the more elevated life becomes.” – Oprah.

Our true birthright is to feel this alignment – to be in love, joy, and peace with ourselves and others. To be the greatest expression of our Divine Self. Your awareness is necessary, and your subsequent feeling of joy and freedom will thank you! Let’s experience this together this year.

Book Recommendation

The Big Leap, by Gay HendricksI had this book on my bookshelf for about 20 years, and I was reminded of it again by one of my clients – thank you, Ewa Pietrzak. It’s simple and easy to read and reminds us that we have upper limiting beliefs that keep us from the happiness that we desire. Once we become aware of these beliefs, they are easy to shift out of, and experience joy in our lives and relationships. Even freedom from health issues.

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