Specific types of Shamanic Healing include:

soul, shamanic healing

SOUL RETRIEVAL - Shamanic Healing

In shamanism (shamanic healing), our soul is described as our vital life force, which we depend on to physically thrive in this world. Typically, we come into the world with 100% of our vital life force (but not always since soul loss can be inherited and passed down through ancestral generations). As we get older and experience physical or emotional trauma/neglect, we can lose a part of our vital life force. This can manifest in our lives as disassociation (not being fully present), addiction, and chronic illnesses such as chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic depression, and chronic poor health.

It can also manifest as anxiety/phobias, memory loss, general unhappiness/discontent, and chronic bad luck. By having a soul retrieval, the shaman is able to bring back that piece of your soul to you that you have lost, which in turn, can improve or relieve the symptoms described above. – Shamanic Healing



When we are not fully in our power, it is easy for ‘intrusions’ to attach to us. Intrusions are described simply, as things that don’t belong to us and are not meant to be with us (i.e. non-ordinary or spirit intrusions). Intrusions can present as localized pain, discomfort, illness in specific locations of the body, or addictions, to name a few. However, they may not always present as physical symptoms. An extraction is a means by which the shaman removes the intrusions from your body and/or aura so that you can fully be in your power and remove obstacles to living life to your fullest potential. Oftentimes, a person will require a few sessions to remove all intrusions from their bodies. – Shamanic Healing

spirit animal


Power animals, like guardian angels, are helping spirits that add to your personal power, protecting you from illness and negative energy. Each power animal that you have increases your power so that it becomes harder for intrusions to enter your body. One of the best things to do after an extraction is to have a guardian spirit/power animal retrieval so you can be fully supported in your restored body and spirit.
The spirit animal also lends you the wisdom of its kind – e.g. a swan, lion, or elephant has various attributes that are present to support you in your life journey in different ways. The most important way to keep the power of your spirit guide is to acknowledge them and learn from their wisdom. If a power animal leaves and does not return, a person may feel disempowered and would be more vulnerable to illness or intrusions.

With a power animal retrieval, the shaman will ask their compassionate helping spirits to lead them to a power animal that is willing to come to you to support you in your life – this may be a spirit guide that has been with you before and has left, or it may be a new guide, coming to you with new wisdom. – Shamanic Healing



If you have a specific physical or emotional condition you would like healing for, a healing design (i.e. art) can be received from the shaman’s compassionate helping spirit and given to you. The design would be drawn on a piece of paper for you to keep, but it would also be spiritually passed on to you as the artwork would be ‘imprinted’ onto your heart and soul so that the healing design would be with you always. – Shamanic Healing

space clearing


Have you ever experienced a presence or feeling in your home that you are not alone? Perhaps you feel there are spirits present, or you notice that you or your children do not sleep well. A space clearing may be the answer to help resolve the issue. A shaman can perform what is termed “psychopomp” in order to help those spirits that may be ‘stuck’ move onto another realm. The shaman can also work with their compassionate helping spirits to shift the energy in your home or space. This does not require a visit to your home. – Shamanic Healing

Distance healing sessions are available for all Shamanic Services.