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Sometimes it can feel hard...or is it?

Written by Tina Bishai

Do you ever find it hard to love? That may sound like a silly question, and your initial response may be, “No, I love with ease”. But I want you to really think about it.

I believe our natural state is love. But then we have feelings that get in the way – like discontent, dislike, resentment, or even hatred for another in our life. Maybe an old friend, colleague, family member, or partner. What do we do with those feelings?

First, we need to recognize that our feelings come from a thought. When we become aware of the thought we are thinking, we can change it and start to feel better. I always say that our emotions are our compass, and it’s important to listen to them. They are an indicator to us – like a light that comes up on our car dashboard. When they start flashing, our emotions are asking us to pay attention. When we don’t listen, our car eventually doesn’t work the way it is meant to work. Same thing applies for our emotions. Trapped negative emotions can wreak havoc on our body, joy and vitality.

Lately, I’ve been noticing some emotions that don’t feel great. So I figure out what my thought is, and then change it and feel better. But then the emotion comes up again. I have a somewhat similar thought but slightly different, so I change my thought again. I do this multiple times…until I finally realize why it continues. I have been comparing myself to this person, judging myself and them. Once I realize this, I choose to let go.

This, for me, was the key. It truly was easy to let go when I realized what I was doing. I AM the one who chooses my life. I AM the one who creates my days. I AM the one who decides how I want to show up. I AM the creator of my own life. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says or does, this never changes…unless I allow it to.

Maybe the answer is simply loving. In my perception, if someone does something “to” me, I bless them. The energy of doing this will dissolve their daggers.

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Simply Love

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I remember that my emotions were reminding me that I was a prisoner of my own mind, my own thoughts. If I put myself in this prison, then I can get myself out too. This is empowering!

So how do you love? Can we truly love everyone that crosses our path? Those with differing opinions and perceptions, different beliefs than us? I think we can, and it gets easier with practice, with letting go, and the remembering of our power. Florence Shinn calls this non-resistance with wisdom. It doesn’t mean being a doormat. She says, “Nothing on earth can resist am an absolutely non-resistant person. When you use non-resistance with wisdom, no one will ever be able to walk over you.”

To make sense of all this, we must remember that everything is energy. Whenever we resist anything, energy cannot flow. This resistance can be in word, thought, emotion or action. “Resistance is hell, for it places [us] in a state of torment.”

The good news is we have the power to release ourselves from this torment. The person who can be centered and established in their thinking, the person who sends out only goodwill to their fellow human, and who is without fear, cannot be touched or influenced by the negative of others.

Water is a great example of powerful non-resistance. It is said that water is the most powerful element because it is perfectly non-resistant. It can wear away rock and sweep all before it.

This is how we can simply love. Bless everything that comes your way….we are attracting it for a reason. Even if someone truly wrongs you….bless them so your healing can begin. (Simply Love)

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I highly recommend reading The Game of Life & How to Play It, by Florence Shinn. It is short, sweet, simple, and easy to read. But don’t let the power of this small book be underestimated. If taken and studied and applied, it is life-changing! Enjoy the read!