Client Testimonials

Autism & ADHD Client Testimonials

Mona M. (ATEC Score Improved by 83% in the Freedom for Life Program)

Suchitra R.

Mariko F.

Sue S.

Nina C.

AJ & Alice R. (ATEC Score Improved by 58% in the Freedom to Thrive Program)

George has been great. He has some issues from time to time but nothing like what we had to deal with over the last 4 years. He is stable and thriving. He has turned his attitude around and is actually trying to hang out with me more…I absolutely LOVE this!! I am seeing more and more of his loving side everyday. He creates laughter in my house even in these times of challenging changes. We are growing our own foods and loving the time we have together. I have reached out to many of my friends and told them about your classes. I hope they have told others. Tina I am so grateful for your help with George.
My son was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome when he was 5. Our biggest challenges at the time were self-regulation, rigid thinking and getting “stuck” on things, desire to control, self-awareness (theory of mind), and of course, anxiety. He’s now 19. At 15, he experienced a mood disorder, which is 50% more likely to occur in individuals diagnosed with ASD.
After healings with Tina, he was far more expressive and engaged, much “lighter” in effect and was laughing and smiling for the first time in 4 years. He’s also displayed a much greater sense of independence. His appetite is much better than it has been – and he’s enjoying getting outside more.
"We are forever grateful for Tina. As parents, we become more patient, loving, and understanding. More importantly, our son is having no meltdowns, has become more resilient and open to change, and is generally happier and lighter. He is just starting kindergarten and is truly thriving!"
Michelle D.
(ATEC Score Improved by 32% in the Freedom to Thrive Program)

Client Testimonials

Britten E.

Kerri M.

Danielle A.

Tina is an amazing healer and coach. Tina understands at a fundamental level what it means to hold sacred space, and she works for her clients’ best interests through a her heart’s wisdom. Throughout the two years I have been working with Tina, I have repeatedly been touched by Tina’s humility, wisdom, authenticity, and compassion for my life’s journey. I am so grateful to get to work with Tina. She truly elevates my spiritual growth to the next level
Brandon T.
My name is Michaela Lehner. Tina was recommended by my coach Ewa and I immediately knew, that I want to work with her. My intuition was spot on. I had 6 sessions with Tina. Each session comprised a check-in on how I was feeling, a discussion, what I wanted to work on, and a powerful energetic session; and on closing an explanation of findings and the healing done. After each session I felt like an invisible weight and strings where taken off me, I could see solutions and developed more joy, ease, happiness and self-love. Tina took notes of every session, which she shared with me for later reference, which I found extremely helpful. If you feel, that something is holding you back from experiencing joy, happiness, or from gaining clarity on questions bothering you, I highly recommend to book a call with Tina. She is very intuitive, empathic and the healing sessions are just a wonderful, a magical energy boost!
Michaela L.
I was referred to Tina through family, and I first met with Tina at a time where my professional life was becoming extremely busy, with constant increases in workload, responsibility and very little guidance in an industry where the decisions I was having to make were safety critical. Long hours, very little sleep and the impact it was having on my personal life and my family meant something had to give. I wasn’t coping. The guidance I received from Tina allowed me to realise that how I was perceiving my reality played a significant role in my ability to handle what was in front of me and deal with what happened in the past. After meeting with Tina I felt like I could breathe again, I became present in my family’s lives, work has become even busier with more responsibility and yet I am coping better than I was previously, I have more real-time with my family, more energy and a far greater presence in my life in general. I cannot thank you enough Tina for what you have done for me and my family. I highly recommend Tina’s coaching and healing, it has had a profoundly positive effect on my life.
Mick C.
Astonishing. Deeply Healing. Nourishing body heart and soul. Like I’ve reconnected with a dear old friend and have discovered many more. Tina is a Goddess of light. She gave with joy and patiently led the way to renewed confidence and connection. I feel whole, exquisitely balanced and able to handle whatever comes my way. I also feel protected and supported by so many wondrous beings whom I can call on and converse with anytime. My own cheering section. Like I said, astonishing. And all in 3 sessions. Thanks Tina, for everything you shared, the learning from the journeys we went on and the skills to keep journeying on.
Tina continues to take me on a spiritual journey filled with deep calm. Her passionate commitment to shamanism along with her intuitive friendly manner creates a safe environment to really let go and embrace the journey to it’s fullest. AND IT’S BEEN A LOT OF FUN ! Thank you Tina.
Thank you so much, Tina! You bring such positive energy, healing, freedom and guidance to those you deal with. I’m honored to be among them.

I would happily recommend Shamanic sessions from Tina at Golden Healings. The aura clearing and the soul retrieval left me feeling calmer, more rested, and more comfortable in my own skin. The biggest difference has been an increase in my mental energy, leaving me able to go through daily life with less frustration and a greater sense of personal empowerment. I have also experienced a difference in my physical energy, feeling less fatigued and stronger. I am enjoying getting to know the Power Animal Tina retrieved, and look forward to cultivating a greater understanding of what this means. Tina is knowledgeable and skilled in her shamanic calling, and her gentle manner makes her sessions a wonderful experience. By the way, these treatments were all via distance healing!
Tina is filled with love, compassion, and purity. Working so gracefully with realms of light and love, brought peace and freedom to areas of life that have been challenging. Her support is generous, and her work is transformative. I am so grateful for her loving kindness and guidance. After every session, there has been deep healing, peace and joy. So much gratitude for Tina’s gifts and talents!

I have thinking of how best to articulate my experience since my healings….one of the biggest take aways is the stepping into my own power and influence. Knowing that my patterning and beliefs aren’t real but my choice. An immense sense of gratitude and enjoyment. Possibility and passion have exponentially been brought to my awareness. Tangibly my energy and openness and connection to my heart is so big! I feel like I have had the most powerful system update and clean up.
Through my sessions with Tina, my life and health have come back online after two bone grafts that failed and a few years later, a traumatic brain injury from a car accident. I’ve experienced big improvements in my brain function, concentration, focus, clarity, as well as increases in my energy, vitality, and joy. The feeling of confidence that with these changes I can share my gifts with others is deeply nourishing. Tina’s healing has created the space for the fulfillment of my life purpose in contributing to the transformation and spiritual evolution of others in the remaining time I have on this earth.
Zensho Gabriel
I am very grateful for your healings and guidance during these past months and the concrete results that I have seen in my life. It was a pleasure to have met you (even if it was only virtually) and greatly benefit from your energetic work and wisdom. I learned and wondered about things unknown to me before and my heart and my being were profoundly touched. I thank from the bottom of my heart.
WOW. I just don’t really have words to describe yesterday’s session together. The peace and healing that I’ve been carrying with me since has been transformational and profound. Thank you so very much for holding space and sharing your gift with me. So many beliefs that I’ve carried with me these 38 years on the planet…it’s as if they all melted away.
To Prospective Clients of Tina Bishai: As I am a fairly open person and accept many ways of healing the mind, body and soul, the introduction to Tina by a dear friend was an easy one, but I must say not without some doubt. After spending much time with Tina and her amazing ability to work with healing spirits, the doubt is gone! The first time we had a session (and all have been long distance!), my walk outside after her work was truly eye opening as I have to say I immediately saw lights and colors in a way I have never seen before. Since then, we have worked together to calm my soul and my spirit and begin to work on creating a peaceful and stable wholeness for me. I have gained the peace, calm and the clarity that have evaded me for many years and as I have not had the cooperation of all those characteristics at once, I have to say that it is truly life changing to see this come into my life force at one time. It has been a step at a time and the love and spirit healing I have received from Tina’s work has allowed me to see things clearly, react to emotional situations in a stable and calm way and to begin to re-introduce lightness and happiness into my life. I look forward to working with Tina for many years to come as I believe that she truly harnesses the energy of the spirits and translates it in a way that will be a lifelong gift to my well being and happiness. Best to your journeys!
Tina helped me dive deep into my past in a way that was gentle and very real. Having had many experiences of healings, my first session today was on another level again and I am in awe. It felt like a dusting off of my true self and more layers of me being thrown to the wind. My sense of expansion and freedom right now is huge and my power is right there to be accessed. I recommend Tina to anyone looking to further their spiritual journey or are feeling stuck. The level of care and attention to detail were wonderful and Tina’s sessions are definitely great value for money.

I learned of Tina Bishai through the community of Sai Maa, who is a powerful spiritual leader, healer and guru. Sai Maa contacted Tina to assist her disciples, monks and nuns with their own spiritual cleansing and Ascension…. Though I have worked with many energy healers and have had great results, few have come close to what I experience with Tina. There is a massive sense of freedom, joy and expanded consciousness that emerges for me after each session. I have recommended Tina to just about everyone I know who I feel can benefit, and all have had similarly astounding results. At a time when we need to be awake and empowered, Tina is a gift to us all.
My name is John and I live in Michigan. I was referred to Tina though friends of mine who were already working with her on their own healing path. They had really good things to say about her and the work she was doing so I reached out. She did an initial reading and called me to discuss the next steps. I was immediately struck by her warm and pleasant nature and her understanding of the process. Through a combination of soul retrievals, extractions and other shamanic practices, Tina systematically re-engineered me over the next few months and the results speak volumes of the practitioner and the practice. Not that I was skeptical in any way, but I didn’t fully comprehend the depth and profundity of what was going on. After each session (all through distant healing) I could literally feel that something had been done. I felt changed at a very deep level. Initially I felt lighter on my feet, as if weights I’d been carrying had been removed. As we progressed through the different practices I noticed a calm and peace had set in that didn’t go away. My daily meditations became more fluid and easy, less fighting the monkey mind. Maybe the monkey now had some space to relax and chill. I noticed lots of other little things, too, that all added up to the fact that I was now coming at things from a different perspective; one that is clearer and more vivid. For that I am very grateful. I don’t understand it all and quite frankly I don’t believe that’s necessary for these techniques to work. I consider Tina to be an exceptional practitioner who understands her craft and can bring about amazing change if you let her. I’ve had a spiritual practice for over 20 years involving meditation and yogic energy work, but never delved into Shamanism. Knowing what I know now after working with Tina, I would have gotten into it years ago.
I’m a writer and I’ve struggled to put into words what has transpired in my ordinary reality as a result of all the healing sessions I’ve received and am receiving. Some words that do come to mind are: An unwavering certainty and understanding of who “I” really am and the true gift of being a creative being. A growing and deepening understanding (and unveiling) of what it is I am here to do (my purpose). More compassion and greater ability to create space for others to be who they are and who they are not. Calm serenity and peace of mind within, even in the presence of everything that is turning over in the world today. A greater capacity to connect in a meaningful way with others.
I want you to know that I am continuing to feel well, especially with regards to my mood and spirit. I keep getting these HUGE feelings of joy from time to time, perhaps 3-4 times each week. I think I might get even more if I stayed outside longer and was even more intentional 🙂 Working with you was a huge step for me and I am walking what I’m now calling my Spiritual Journey. I think you helped push me over the edge into acceptance and believing. It’s very very cool. Thank-you for all you’ve done for me and what I think you’ll continue to do for me.

It is hard to put in to words how profoundly life changing working with Tina is and in such a short time frame. I had been suffering from a sore neck and constant daily headache and migraines. I tried chiropractic treatment and massage which usually take care of any neck pain and associated headaches I get. I also tried my medical doctor who did nothing but write me a prescription for heavy narcotic painkillers. Tina told me she would be able to help me and I was more than a bit sceptical as I had been trying to find relief for a few months. She started with a soul retrieval and a reiki treatment which helped, but I found the most amazing relief when she did an extraction on me. I remember laying there rather nervous as she started and wondering what was going to happen. I could actually feel her pull dark heavy tired energy out of my body. As I relaxed I could feel my body helping to push out the energy. I didn’t want it anymore. Afterward I felt different, I looked different and my pain had gone from about an 8 to a 3. I remember feeling incredibly light and clean and clear. It is an experience that is so hard to put in to words as there were no real thoughts attached to it just wonderful calm feelings. And now I don’t have the migraine pain that I suffered from before having the shamanic treatment. Working with Tina has made me far more mindful about my thoughts and feelings and how easy it is for me to get reattached to those negative thoughts and feelings which in my case always translate to aches and pains. It has made me far more aware of the body-mind connection. I am so thankful to have found someone who is able to help me address issues on a mental and spiritual level before they are able manifest in a physical manner.
T Saloojee
In deciding to re-align in my mental and spiritual self, I was excited after the initial call with you to get started. I am so impressed with how quickly I was seeing results in the couple of sessions together and you are such a pleasure to work with. As you were going through the sessions with me I truly felt your sincerity and beautiful heart to contribute to my overall well-being and success. I have felt aligned and on point to move forward in my goals and taking those leaps forward where otherwise I was feeling stuck. In just a few short weeks I am building my business brand and ready to launch my business, write a book and continue with my podcast that has been on the shelf this past year. I believe your talent and gift has definitely catapulted me in the most wonderful way to feel guided and aligned. You are definitely a beautiful light in this world. With much appreciation
[My boyfriend] briefly asked how the healing was and I shared it was “great”! I felt clear and open and just empty….in a good way, empty. Fast forward to Saturday night when the 4 of us were sitting outside on the patio enjoying the great evening and chatting. [We} got to chatting about things and people such as Tina. I shared I literally felt like a new person. [My boyfriend] chimed in and with the most serious face and demeanor agreed. He said you are literally a new person and I could feel it right away, my energy is so clean and young and refreshed!! I can honestly say that anger and frustration that weren’t mine were really getting in our way and they are no more!!! It has been an AMAZING few days to say the least and I am so excited to be a part of this community and keep it going strong!!
I have been searching for a way to release stored trauma from my childhood and throughout my life. Tina has helped me do that and my life has changed since our sessions for the better! I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to better their life emotionally and spiritually