Falling In Love

falling in love


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Written by Tina Bishai

Do you remember the feeling of falling in love? Your mood, the way you felt so light and free. When you felt like everything was good, everywhere, all the time. Why do we have to only experience that when we fall in love?

I want to experience that every day, and so can you. It can become your way of Being. We just have to choose it. We have to remember that the choice is ours and we can be conscious enough to experience it.

Being love, and feeling as though you are in love raises your vibration energetically. When we feel good, we attract things into our lives that we desire – people, circumstances, opportunities and more.

It can be simple. It requires presence and stillness, but it can be done. In the summer, I had a beautiful experience where I was sitting by the water admiring the beauty of the sky with its majestic colors of pinks and blues. Then I saw a dragonfly….and I watched it. I was fascinated by it. I gave it my energy, attention and love. And you know what happened? It danced and flew in my sight for about 15 minutes.

There was so much joy in this exchange, as though nothing else existed. At the time, my kids were happily playing in the water. But I wasn’t focused on them – I knew they were safe and could hear them in the background. I was focused on what was right in front of me, with my full being.

What happened here with this exchange of joy and love that occurred so deeply, that I often remember it in my mind? I think the best way to describe it, is I gave what God put in front of me, my full presence and awareness. I wasn’t thinking of anything else or allowing my thoughts to take over me. I was quiet and I was watching. I was totally in my heart and surroundings at the same time. It was so magical and fulfilling. I fell in love with what was.

What was right in front of me. I admired it and sat in awe and admiration of it.

Now let’s expand this scenario to our every day lives. How much

Photos taken by Tina Bishai

different would our lives look if we could practice this every day in every moment? Being in gratitude for all that is placed right in front of our path? Bringing our awareness to what is, in the most positive of ways. I’ll admit, it’s not as easy for me to do this when I’m sitting at my computer all day. So I have to make an effort to change my scenery, to be with nature and the beauty of creation that surrounds us. I think that’s why I love taking photos so much…..it brings my presence to what is. 

I’m not sure if I ever shared what happened the next day after this experience. I had a phone call from a company that was supplying new hardwood floors in our home. They told me they were out of supply of the hardwood floors I ordered, and would have to give me an upgrade for free, which amounted to a gift of at least $15,000!

What happened here? My presence, joy, and BEING in the moment fully, attracted something that was for me.

The more we can practice this, the more these types of miracles or magical moments can occur.

One thing to remember though…it’s hard to be present and loving if you’re holding onto fear, anger, or resentment. So make a regular practice of bringing forgiveness into your life. Forgiveness of self and others. Make a regular habit of being the gatekeeper to what you allow into your mind. Constant fear-based news, for example, is not going to allow you to be in this space easily. It will keep you “unconscious” of what is available to you.

What if you realized that you have all you need within you? Once you begin to understand this, then all that shows up around you seem like droplets of grace. I invite you to fall in love with grace, to fall in love with all that is around you and within you. To fall in love with BEING.

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