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Written by Tina Bishai

As the end of the year comes to a close, there is so much to be grateful for. It’s a time of reflection on our own and with loved ones. To look from a higher level and see what we accomplished, what we did well, and where we may have missed the mark.

Reflection can be satisfying when you have a process that helps you feel lighter. Without it, though, it can oftentimes feel heavy. Harvesting the good is an important concept to take with you as you reflect back on each month this past year. And so is forgiveness!

We often pile so much weight onto our hearts from one experience to the next, without creating a clearing in between. The clearing comes from seeing the lessons and possibly even the good that you can capture from situations that have been difficult.

In my experience, the best way to create a clearing is by forgiving yourself. As a culture, we are so quick to blame others, and point the finger at people or circumstances….everything outside of us. But when we begin to take responsibility for our own emotions and the judgments we make, there is absolute freedom that can be created. This is where forgiveness of self comes in beautifully.

I would like to share a practice with you that I’ve recently discovered, one that has been life-changing for me. It has created a lot of space within me, it has lightened me, and it has freed my mind and heart.

I originally created this as a gift for my past and present clients. But I have decided to share the love, and offer it to all of you here.

In fact, I recently shared a 3-day teaching and meditative healing on a larger platform, with Jeff Hays Films, where thousands of people got to listen to this message. Now, I’m sharing it with everyone here, and it covers the basics, to the more profound.

It’s called Awaken the Power Within YouIt will be free for you to access until Thursday, December 15th. If it resonates, I invite you to purchase it anytime for on-demand access. If you’ll take this and make it part of your regular routine, a consistent practice, you will begin to free yourself of all kinds of weight that have blocked your heart, and your very being. I invite you to BE FREE!

Holiday Gift Ideas

Awaken the Power Within You is also a great holiday gift to give to your loved ones. It takes people on a journey of self-love. From a foundational knowledge of everything being energy to the impactful practice, I teach in the videos allowing for more freedom and space to be created within you, which means you show up differently in your way of being. Then I take people on a journey into their hearts. We often spend time and energy thinking of what to buy for family members. And usually, the gifts last a short time, but this can change a person’s life – for only $29.99.

Healing Sessions for loved ones is also a great gift idea. Consider pre-purchasing a few sessions in advance for yourself or a loved one. Just send an email to [email protected] to purchase. Discounts for over 5 sessions apply.

Freedom to Thrive With Autism & ADHD

Please share this with loved ones or friends who are in need of this important information. Click here for the dates and times of the next available masterclasses.

Golden Light Membership

Space is available in our Golden Light Membership! This is for a select group of individuals who are interested in ascending, and being in a community of like-minded individuals who are on a similar path; getting results for themselves in their lives in a spiritual and energetic way, which of course, translates into beautiful energy for you in your daily life.

Please click on this link for more information and to see testimonials from others who have been Golden Light Members in the past.

Healing Codes & More for Kids

If you’re a parent with a child who is struggling with emotions, anxiety or focuses issues; or struggling at coping with life, then this program can help them improve. Energy healings 3x/day, every day, for one month are provided to help support your child through difficult times, or to help them overcome physical and emotional challenges. Please contact me to discuss your situation – at [email protected]. We have been seeing some incredible results for kids with the frequency of these healings!

End of Season Blessing For You

May the 2022 year end bring you peace as you reflect back on all the gifts you’ve received emotionally, spiritually, physically, and energetically.

May you experience gratitude and love within your heart, expressing it to yourself and your loved ones through your words and actions.

Most importantly, may you know the Truth of who you are. May you be open to understanding the power you have within you. May you be awakened to this Truth, and truly begin to live your life through the eyes of this Truth.

May God’s blessings continue to shower each of you.

From my heart to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah.

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