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MARCH 2023

Written by Tina Bishai

Have you ever wondered how you can feel freedom within you, no matter what your life circumstances may be? We may often think that “if only this were different in my life”, or “if this didn’t happen, I would be better off”. But then doesn’t that, in effect, take away our God-given freedom? Why do we so easily give it away, when we could just as easily stay in our power? Feeling a lack of freedom brings uneasiness, unhappiness, resentment, and anger to the forefront.

The opposite of this is that feeling freedom can be a source of energy and joy! It can allow you to be present in your day-to-day moments, instead of being in your head about things. Nobody and nothing can take your freedom away. Why? Because freedom begins in your mind and perception/attitude. We don’t necessarily have control over circumstances outside of ourselves or other people, but we certainly have control over our way of being- whether we respond versus react, whether we blame another or not, whether we forgive another or not….and the list goes on. This is also true for whether we blame and forgive ourselves, or not.

A well-known writer and holocaust survivor, Victor Frankl decided that after watching his family members and wife killed in concentration camps, he would not give his power, his attitude, and his mental abilities over to the Nazis who were torturing them. Instead, he survived, wrote a book called, “Man’s Search for Meaning”, and decided that no matter how justified he felt for blaming or hating others, it was and it is a choice. Frankl concludes that the meaning of life is found in every moment of living, even in suffering.

Now, this type of inner freedom does not condone the behavior of others, but it does put you in the driver’s seat. How can this be a choice? If you understand that blaming yourself or another person instantly lowers your vibration, gives your power away completely, and further leads to apathy and depression, then I don’t think any of us would do it consciously. Who says that anyone has to be blamed? What if you didn’t need to blame yourself or the other person, wouldn’t that free you up to experience greater peace and inner joy?

I believe there are two main ways to feel freedom – the first is with your attitude and how you respond to situations (instead of reacting). The second is in your perception and ability to see blessings/gratitude all around you.


Think of these scenarios and see what you feel – do you feel trapped or free in each scenario?

  • In a marriage
  • On your own
  • As a parent of a child with autism or ADHD
  • In a job that you dislike
  • In a relationship with someone who is unavailable

Each of you will have different reactions to each scenario, but isn’t it really a choice to feel freedom? We have all heard of Nelson Mandela, who served 27 years in prison, yet decided not to hold a grudge against his captors so that he could feel free when he was finally out of prison. The opposite is also true – there are many people who actually have freedom in reality, but don’t experience it in their everyday life. What do you choose?

The beautiful part about learning to feel freedom within, is once you recognize that it is simply a choice within you, you begin to understand your power over your life, circumstances, and how you feel. You experience joy. You experience a lightness that, perhaps, you haven’t felt in a long time. Then it can be multiplied. If you feel this and can lead by example, it becomes contagious and others can learn too. Can you imagine that by each of you feeling freedom for yourself regardless of your circumstances, how you could impact and transform the world around you? People would be more drawn to you. Others would think you have something they are attracted to. Then you begin to change your community of family, friends, and colleagues simply by being the light that you are. By doing the work for ourselves and taking responsibility for our emotions, we also contribute to the world in a positive way.

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Golden Healings Services Available

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