How Energetic Healings can Help Children with Autism and ADHD

To start, you may be wondering how Energy can be defined? You may know it as the energetic field or aura around you, or overlapping energy patterns which define the unique physical, spiritual, emotional and mental make-up of an individual. Perhaps you’ve heard of meridians, chi or life force – the basis of which make up ancient Chinese medicine practices of acupuncture. Or, if you practice yoga, you may have heard of the 7 major chakras – which represent what they call our “subtle body” (psychic and emotional bodies). And, when I speak of treating kids holistically – addressing their physical, emotional and energetic well-being – what I’ve just described to you relates to their energetic well-being. Further, if you look up the definition of Energy Medicine – you’ll see the basic premise is that any illness or “dis-ease” in our body (in this instance, we’re talking about symptoms from autism or ADHD), occur in a person’s energetic field before they every show up in their physical body. So therapies that don’t address a child’s energetic field aren’t addressing the entire picture.

Donna Eden is someone that has dedicated her life to Energy Medicine practices. According to her book, Energy Medicine, she says of Energy Medicine, “It is safe, natural and accessible. It is both contemporary and ancient. The term is being used in many ways today, ranging from the introduction of shamanic healing practices in modern cultures to the use of powerful electromagnetic and imaging technologies in modern hospitals. It embraces lawful principles and mysteries; routine procedures and artistry; matter and spirit. Energy medicine is the best term known for describing the growing number of approaches where an understanding of the body as a system of energies is being applied for promoting health, healing and happiness.”

Now, you may be thinking that it’s still unclear, but as you can see, it doesn’t seem to have a simple answer. I could proceed trying to describe it and help you understand it better …or I can share my experiences with you about how when I was learning to be a shamanic practitioner, and started providing healings to my daughter who had signs and symptoms of Asperger’s, her symptoms began to melt away as I began providing these energetic healings to her.

But first, you may be wondering, what it means to be a shamanic practitioner? First, there is no formal College or body that licenses shamanic practitioners, but I studied for over 3 years with the Foundation of Shamanic Studies to become a shamanic practitioner- that’s a long time when I consider I spent 4 years doing a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, 4 more years doing a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, and another year studying a Master of Business Administration. I can honestly say that going through these 3 years have been the most profound of my life, for many reasons, but the one I want to share with you here, is that the healings that I started to give my daughter changed all of her symptoms of Asperger’s. As a shamanic practitioner, we are taught to connect to our helping spirits (some may call angels/spirit guides), and they provide the healings to others and the Earth through us.

As I continued to connect with my helping spirits, year after year, I found they were giving me very specific healings for my daughter, and more generally for kids with autism and ADHD. So much so, that after 1.5 years of learning from my helping spirits about decreasing these symptoms for children and adults, I put it into a whole formula so I could systematically begin to positively impact children with symptoms from autism or ADHD. And what I’ve seen is that whatever symptoms children are dealing with from autism or ADHD – there is a very large energetic component that can be reduced, and often, completely eliminated!

Whether you are a parent, a caregiver, a teacher, or even an adult with autism or ADHD – we all know that individuals who experience symptoms are sensitive to energies around them. But did you know that extends to being sensitive to their own energetic field and others energetic fields around them? As I decided to give these healings to my daughter, I saw her obsessive compulsive behavior disappear, her sensitivity to light and smell go away, and her ability to be connected with others, both through eye contact and communication (especially in groups), improve significantly. Yes, she is still her unique self, but just without all the symptoms that we struggled with for years. If you’re able to watch the online workshop I created about this, you can hear live video testimonials from others that have experienced similar results with their children- kids no longer living with depression, no longer isolating themselves, getting out into the world and actually BEING with others; kids that can focus on tasks at hand, and can have a calmer approach to life than they did in the past.

Remember, that I teach there are 3 main influencers to a child’s symptoms from autism or ADHD – diet, the energetic environment around them, and their own energetic field. Today, I wanted to give you a bit of information about the energetic well-being of people with autism or ADHD.

In terms of the environment your child lives in – having them outside in nature as often as possible is a very positive thing for them. Why? Because the energetic field from nature (trees, plants, mountains, water and all the beauty that nature has to offer) is very different from the energetic field that is experienced in a bustling city. I have a close friend who can see auras of people and things, and she finds it extremely overwhelming to come into the busy city from the more rural place she lives in. Whether or not your child can see these auras or energetic fields, they can definitely sense them – so the more we can bring them into a calm, and nature-based environment, the better their energetic environment is around them.

If you have pets – like dogs or even have access to horses they can ride, this is also very therapeutic for them. When you think of a pet in the house, what is the one thing you can always depend on from them? Unconditional love, right!  And this energy that emanates from your pet is felt by your child each and every day, with every contact they have with the animal.

If you’re into crystals and have them around your house….get rid of them! Surprising right? I used to love to have crystals and rock collections all around the house, but when I removed them all, it made a huge difference to how calm my child was at home. Crystals can be powerful healing tools, but they also emanate and amplify energies. They pick up good energy as well as negative energy – and then amplify it! Imagine how overwhelming that must feel for a sensitive child!

You can also clear your house on a regular basis by using either sage or palo alto incense, or simply by having the intention of you connecting to your angels and asking them to clear your home. This regular clearing, will help improve the energy in your home as well.

I’ll be re-visiting these ideas of energy and how we can provide a more calm and peaceful energy in our home environments for our children in subsequent broadcasts. In the meantime, if you can start on these 4 simple tips, you and your child will be rewarded by improved symptoms.

My name is Tina Bishai. I’m a mother of two beautiful children and I am also a health professional. I have Bachelors Degrees in Human Biology and Physical Therapy, as well as a Masters Degree in Business Administration. After working in the corporate world for over 20 years, I began following my heart and studied alternative medicine, after which time I became a Reiki Master and Shaman.

As the founder of Golden Healings, now my mission is to help children living with autism and ADHD address problematic symptoms they may be experiencing through a holistic approach, addressing all elements that impact a child’s well-being – emotional, physical and energetic elements.

My goal is to see each and every child have the ability to authentically connect with others in this world, without having to deal with the myriad of symptoms they may be struggling with on a daily basis. I believe that children with autism and ADHD are unique and beautiful gifts who have the ability to function at a level they have not necessarily achieved before. I have seen such positive transformations with children’s symptoms, and I invite you to visit my free online workshop where you can learn about the three main influencers to your child’s symptoms and behavioural challenges. I have healed my own child and others with this methodology. Please visit, and provide your name and email address for instant access to the workshop.

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