How to Help your Child Experience Positive Energetic Connections

As you know, our children experience energetic connections in a much stronger way than we do. So, how as their parents, can we make sure they have the best energetic connections possible with others? Let’s start by looking at communication – because connection often begins in language, and then we can look to the energetic environment.

Communication – Language & Unconditional Love:

I find my child often takes things literally (she doesn’t truly understand expressions), and so I will often spend a lot of time teaching her about expressions and what they actually mean. Instead of her taking the words that people say literally, which often can be confusing or offensive, now, whenever I tell her it’s an expression, she is starting to understand not to take the words literally as their meaning. When you stop to think about this, it is an important concept. Take the expression “break a leg”, which actually means Good Luck, but taken literally may frighten a child who doesn’t understand. There are many other examples, more subtle ones, that you “run into” during the day, just like this sentence actually.  I think you “get the point now”.

In terms of energy around your child, and interactions with you and family members, the best way to have your child experience a positive energetic connection is to provide unconditional love to your child as often as possible. Please refer to the Blog entitled “3 Ways to Demonstrate Unconditional Love to your Child”. It really is the foundation to having quality, calm interactions with your child. And don’t dismiss it by the title, because there are practical tips given to you as the parent that can help your child feel very loved.

Energetic Connections

But what about all the other interactions your child has without you – maybe at school, or playing with other kids. The absolute best way to set your child up for positive connections is to make sure your child’s own energetic field and vital life force is full. Now, some of you may be asking what I mean by this? I mentioned that I provide energetic healings to kids and adults, but these energetic/shamanic healings are especially important for our children to be able to function at their highest level…for anyone to be able to function at their highest level. In my online workshop, which you can access here through my website, I show a picture of a person’s energetic field before and after they have a particular shamanic healing. As we go through life, and experience any kind of emotional or physical trauma, in shamanism, it is said that we lose a piece of our soul, or our vital life force. When this happens, our aura or energetic field can be broken or fragmented – not full. And this is our protection from illness, disease, energetic attachments and more. So if we don’t have our full aura, we can’t function as well as we are meant to be functioning.

Now, you may be asking yourself, how can a child have this  “loss” of their vital life force when they haven’t necessarily had a lifetime of experiences? I’ve actually seen it where newborns are coming into this world with that type of “loss”. In fact, when my child was a baby, not even 6 months old, I often thought to myself, she was distant…she wasn’t present, and she actually seemed a bit sad to me. And it so happened that an energetic healer who arrived into my life through synchronicity offered to do a soul retrieval for her. I wasn’t a shaman yet, and had never heard of that before. It resonated with me at the time and it felt right, so I went ahead. I can honestly say, that after her soul retrieval, she had eye contact with me (whereas before I always felt that she was looking past me or through me), she was more engaged, definitely happier, and I really felt a distinct difference from her in terms of how she was connecting with me and others. This was the start of our journey together. If this is something you’re interested in, or if it resonates with you, I would be happy to give you more information. Just contact me at and we can set up a free consult, where I can see if this is something your child would benefit from. And the good news is that it can all be provided through distant healing. When your child has their full energetic field and aura, they are able to respond better to life, to other people, and to be more fully present than they could ever possible be.

Connections to the Spirit World

Another interesting thing that happened to my child, as she was growing up and able to walk, was that she would trip a lot and lose her balance. At first, I didn’t understand why…but if you’ve read the Blog entitled, “Creating a Calming Environment for your Child”, I talk about how our children are very connected to the spirit world. It’s almost as if they are operating on a different plane than we are. So imagine that your child is connecting strongly to the spirit world (in a very positive way), that means they can’t be fully present in this world to focus or provide their full attention here. So I was shown a “grounding” technique to use with my daughter – which was so simple to do, and it significantly impacted her balance and her ability to walk and run without tripping/falling as often as she did.

Before I provide the link to my You Tube page where you can watch the grounding technique on video,  there are some really important things you want to understand. Your child has a strong connection to heaven/the upper world/the spirit realm ….whatever you want to call it. And that is a blessing! It is one of their unique gifts they come to this world with….and you don’t want them to lose that connection. At the same time, we still want them to function well in this world. So please do not overdo this grounding technique. Use their symptoms (if they frequently fall/trip, or are completely unable to focus) as an indicator of how often to use this. In my case, when my child was 2 and 3 – I started out using this 1-2 x/week, and then when her falling/tripping had improved, I didn’t use the grounding technique at all. The more grounded your child is, the more connected they are to this realm, which means they can function well in our daily tasks.  And at the same time, you still want your child to be connected to the spirit realm so they can use their beautiful gifts they were born with. I hope this makes sense to you – the trick is to provide this grounding technique as your child needs it (based on their symptoms), but NOT to overdo it. I even remember my daughter coming to me after having this done to her a few times, and she would ask, “Mommy, can you ground me?” It felt good to her!  Of course, grounding in our house was a very positive experience, and not the typical grounding that a parent may think of.

For a demonstration, go to the end of the video at this link: