How to Unconditionally Love your Child with Autism or ADHD

How many of you have children with autism or ADHD where their symptoms can sometimes drive you a little nutty….even more than nutty? Where you are running around in your everyday life, and perhaps trying to be on time somewhere, and your child has a meltdown? Maybe they’re incontinent, or maybe they have behavioural issues which seem so unpredictable that you often think that it’s getting silly with the length of time it takes you to do things and get places with your child? Well…let me tell you, you aren’t alone.

Today, I want to share 3 simple solutions that you can implement immediately, that will help you unconditionally love your child, even during those times when their symptoms are driving you nutty. These solutions are based on my experiences with my own child, but also founded in the principle of Energy and Energy Medicine. Our children are more sensitive to the energies around them than most other children. They may not like to be in crowds, or around loud noises. So, when we as parents get ‘stressed out’ because we’re late for school or upset and frustrated as they’re having a meltdown, have you ever thought that sometimes, our children may actually be reacting to our stress? I know that used to happen often to me. But these simple strategies that have come to me over the years have really made a difference to me and my child’s well-being. When I can be present with my child and use these solutions, it’s as though their behavioural challenges melt away as they experience unconditional love.

First, when I remain committed rather than attached, every situation I find myself in goes much smoother. Now what do I mean by that? When I really focus on being committed to my child’s health and well-being, I can easily let go of being attached to a specific outcome, such as being on time for school, or not feeling embarrassed when my child has a major outburst in public. So that’s my first suggestion – be committed to something that moves you, instead of being attached to a specific outcome. And when I focus on this, even when my child is having a meltdown (instead of me getting frustrated, upset, or irritated), my calmness and expression of unconditional love helps melt away their behavioural symptoms.

The second solution is to know and believe with all your heart that your child is a beautiful spirit, who is here to make a positive impact to the world, regardless of what symptoms they are dealing with. I believe that these children are here to change the world, to raise the energy/vibration/consciousness of this world to a different and higher level. Have you ever thought that? Maybe it has been a fleeting thought for you because you’re so busy dealing with your child’s symptoms. What if you could just focus on your child’s spirit, perhaps even have a belief that every human being is on this earth with a mission, including your child? What if your child has a mission that can change the world for the better? I believe this to be true for each and every one of these unique and beautiful gifts to the world. If we can foster our child’s mission by really looking to see what they love in those calm moments and provide more of that stimulus for them, this will help nurture their spirit and create more moments of calm and peace for them, and for you.

The third solution is not to react by punishing them or giving them “a time out” when they are having a meltdown, and instead offer a sign of unconditional love – whatever that is for your child. Whether it’s a gentle hug/cuddle, or a gentle song you can sing to them, or just simply saying in a gentle voice, “ I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART, AND I’M SORRY YOU’RE UPSET, HOW CAN I HELP?” Just remember your child doesn’t experience the world the same way we do – so imagine for a moment if your child experienced a time out the same way we would experience being in a prison with bars on it. Imagine that a parent’s raised voice was experienced as being in the front row of a concert where someone was scraping their nails on a chalk board at the loudest possible volume. I know these examples are exaggerated, but it does get you thinking…..if we could be in their shoes for even 15 minutes, I believe the way we treat our children in those moments of upset or frustration would look very different.

I can honestly say that implementing these 3 strategies on a regular basis can work wonders to decreasing your child’s symptoms of autism or ADHD because they feel our energy. Think about it….what would you prefer to experience in an exaggerated way…frustration or anger? Or unconditional love?

My name is Tina Bishai. I’m a mother of two beautiful children and I am also a health professional. I have Bachelors Degrees in Human Biology and Physical Therapy, as well as a Masters Degree in Business Administration. After working in the corporate world for over 20 years, I began following my heart and studied alternative medicine, after which time I became a Reiki Master and Shaman.

As the founder of Golden Healings, now my mission is to help children living with autism and ADHD address problematic symptoms they may be experiencing through a holistic approach, addressing all elements that impact a child’s behavior – emotional, physical and energetic elements.

My goal is to see each and every child have the ability to authentically connect with others in this world, without having to deal with the myriad of symptoms they may be struggling with on a daily basis. I believe that children with autism and ADHD are unique and beautiful gifts who have the ability to function at a level that they have not necessarily achieved before. I have seen such positive transformations with children’s’ symptoms, and I invite you to visit my free online workshop where you can learn about the three main influencers to your child’s symptoms and behavioral challenges. I have healed my own child and others with this methodology. Please visit the Free Workshop tab on my website, and provide your name and email address for instant access to this workshop.

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