In the Media


Jeff Hays Films

Listen to the healings and teachings to release negative emotions, and to experience freedom and a deeper connection to your Higher Self with Tina Bishai.

Autism Parenting Magazine Summit

25 Incredible speakers to help parents & their children with Autism, including Tina Bishai. Listen in as Tina talks about Alternative Therapies for reducing your child’s symptoms from Autism & ADHD.

Autism Parenting Magazine

Tina is a Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in Energy Medicine, a Shamanic Practitioner, and a trained Physical Therapist. She has been helping kids with autism & ADHD to reduce their symptoms and feel healthier in their own bodies since supporting her own daughter through prior struggles. Tina has penned articles for APM as well as spoken at the Autism Parenting Summit.

Role Model Maker

Listen to Tina Bishai of Golden Healings on the Health, Wealth & Wisdom Summit, Parents Edition, as she talks about why Energy Matters!

Awakening Infinite Intuition

Danielle Amos and Tina Bishai talk all about intuition and how it will always guide us toward what it is that we need.

The EveryMom

Read about Gentle Parenting, as Tina Bishai & other health professionals highlight some important concepts that can make your life easier.

The Dannie De Novo Podcast

Listen as Dannie and Tina talk about real world scenarios that they have both experienced. Here you’ll learn that there’s no need to face challenges alone or to live in shame. There is help that is available to you and your children, and they’ll share some valuable stories as you listen to the interview.

Business Media

Tina Bishai is interviewed on Business FM Media as she discusses the benefits of energy healing to help parents & their children with autism & ADHD reach their optimum potential.