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Written by Tina Bishai

I’ve been guided to write to you about intuition this month. Do you know you have it? Everyone does, whether you use it or not. Everyone has the ability and capacity to develop their intuition to be stronger than it is right now. This is excellent news. Why? Because intuition is your Higher Self speaking to you. Intuition is when you get connected and hooked up to Source Energy and Infinite Intelligence. Your intuition has answers for you, that logically may not make the most sense but can lead you to quantum leaps.

I love this topic. In fact, I created two courses on it with a colleague of mine, that you can see here if you‘re interested (if you really want to go more in-depth into actually enhancing your intuition, these courses are of the highest content and practice).

We’ve all had experiences in our lives where we have intuition. We might feel or sense something before it happens. The hair on your arms stands up when you feel something that is for you. Or, you think of a person you haven’t seen or spoken to in a long time, and then they call you, out of the blue. We are all connected through energy. And when you are still enough or even aware enough to listen to your intuition, this brings great comfort and magic into your life.

You can access your intuition through two main areas of your body – your heart and your third eye (at your forehead/pineal gland). The more connected you are to these two areas, the more connected you are to Source Energy and infinite Intelligence (which is where everything is created).

For the purposes of this newsletter, I’d like to speak more about the connection to your own heart. Your heart has intuition and memory independent of your mind. In effect, your heart has a “mind” of its own.

Your heart cells actually learn, remember and think independently of your brain. Here are some examples. A heart transplant recipient has new food cravings soon after she has a heart transplant. In this specific study, the girl craved Kentucky Fried Chicken and she had never tried it before in her life. She later found that her heart donor’s favorite food was KFC.

Another study showed participants high arousal images (like a car accident)and low arousal images (like a fuzzy bunny), and they monitored the heart responses for each picture that was randomly chosen by the computer. Each and every time, the heart knew BEFORE THE PICTURE WAS SHOWN what type of image was to be shown. It prepared the person’s body by lowering

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their heart rate for all the high arousal images, and maintained the heart rate at the same beat for all the low arousal images. How is it possible that the heart knew up to 15-20 seconds before the image was shown to the participants every single time?

Your heart has a knowing that protects you and your body. It is sensitive enough to be that ‘fine tuner’ that keeps you safe. And it’s important for you to understand that the real flow of information is from your heart to your brain, then your body. That’s why you can experience goosebumps or the hairs standing up on your arms when you have those moments of truth or knowing. We recognize things that we don’t see with our eyes – this is our intuition.

I’ll give you a little trick on how you can strengthen your wise inner knowing. If you set up and strengthen the conversation between your heart and brain (it’s called heart-mind coherence), then you’ll be in a better position to access your intuition on demand, when you really need it. Heart-mind coherence sets up beautiful and powerful responses in your body – over 1300 biochemical reactions such as anti-aging, enhanced immune responses, cardiovascular benefits and more. A simple 3-minute meditation will set up these biochemical events, the effects of which can last for up to 6 hours afterward!

The intuition from your heart is much quicker and wiser than the intuition from your mind. Because when you go through your mind, it has to go through logic, reason, will, perception and all your paradigms or limiting beliefs. I’ll give you an example. I recently attended a two-day grief workshop held by two shamanic practitioners. I knew them and wanted to support them. I didn’t really think I was holding a lot of grief, but something inside of me told me to attend (aka my intuition). Well…by the second hour of the course, I had such a large healing in regards to sorrow and grief I had been carrying from my lineage, that I literally felt transformed from the inside out (in fact, my daughters didn’t recognize me to be the same way as I was before the course- which is so incredible!). I didn’t know why I was really there until I went and experienced it for myself. Do you see how my intuition worked in this way? My mind was putting all kinds of barriers up – ‘I’ll have to block off a full day of clients’, ‘I don’t really think I have a lot of grief’, ‘Why am I even going?’ were the thoughts that if I listened to my mind, would have held me back with so much weight that I had been experiencing my entire life!

To live in consciousness to the heart is to live in connectedness to Source!

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Golden Healings Services Available

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