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Life is For You

Life Is For You

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Do You Know That?

Written by Tina Bishai

So many times in life we can feel as though we are at the mercy of other people or circumstances. Have you ever felt like that? But allow me to share some wisdom with you….this is NOT the truth!

As you know, we are vibrating energetic beings, and so we attract what we are vibrating. It sounds a bit harsh, but in fact, it gives us power. In everything that happens “to us”, what if we believed it happens “for us”? You may be thinking, that is ridiculous, how can sickness or illness be for us? What I mean, is that even though it doesn’t feel good when we experience these things, it is an opportunity for us to heal ourselves in some big, bold, and beautiful way.

Take the following real-life examples…

  • A client has had breast pain for 2 years, and it goes away almost fully within 2 weeks after releasing their negative and angry emotions towards a person that used to be in their lives. In this instance, the pain was like an indicator saying….danger, danger, danger! In effect, it was telling this person that their way of being wasn’t serving them, and if it continued, it was sure to bring disease to their body. She had already experienced “dis-ease” in her body. But left unattended, it could have certainly been deadly.
  • Another client had severe low back pain for months, which left her bedridden for weeks. She thought it was from a particular incident and when she visited the surgeon, he saw many issues on MRI that he felt may require surgery if her pain didn’t get better. She was doing physio, and acupuncture, which were providing temporary relief. But two months later, when she came to me, I was guided to focus on relieving her burdens (emotional and physical), and pointing out to her that low back pain is usually related to a concern about financial worries. We addressed this together, and then the next day, she sent me a text message thanking me, she hadn’t been so pain-free since the time it all began. Do you see how every pain we feel in our body has a correlated emotion or thought we can work on to help relieve the pain?

The point of sharing these examples is that the breast and low back

Photos taken by Tina Bishai

pains were simply signs of a deeper issue, an emotional one. If life wasn’t for us, these clients wouldn’t have experienced those physical ailments until it was too late! 

Take a different kind of real-life example…

  • A client is having a difficult time with her daughter’s relationship. There is a lot of resistance and tension between the two. The mother can easily see what is “wrong with” the daughter and her attitude, and the daughter can easily see what the mother is doing wrong. But if each can take a step back, and look internally, there is an opportunity for deep healing. At a closer look, it seems there are some deep wounds that mom can heal about her past with her parents, and come clean with her daughter about. And she can take 100% responsibility for her relationship with her daughter. As she vibrates, so will she attract. Slowly but surely, mom starts to realize there is healing to be done on how she feels with both her parents so that the relationship with her daughter can be salvaged. Better yet, they can thrive together.

When we start to take full responsibility for every aspect that shows up in our lives, then we can truly begin to know our power. To know that Life is For Us! We are beautifully and wonderfully created by the hands of God, and as such, we can create lives that are only limited by our imaginations.

The issue is that our beliefs and thoughts are strong, and are often programmed by our childhood. Since we can’t control how we were brought up, it’s worth noting that it is our responsibility for how we show up in this world and what we create. Taking responsibility is a beautiful way to know your Truth and Power. The way to begin taking this responsibility is to notice your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Do these align with where you want to be in your life? If not, what thoughts, feelings, and actions do you need to take, believe/think, to be where you want to be? Write them out and repeat them out loud every day.

Enjoy the journey, and reach out for support if you’d like help with your journey. 

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