Peace that Surpasses All Understanding



Peace that Surpasses All Understanding
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JUNE 2023

Written by Tina Bishai

Have you ever wondered how to experience peace when all kinds of crazy circumstances may be going on around you? You may see chaos in your family, friends, business, health, social life, and the world. So how can it be possible to experience inner peace in these situations?

I believe that inner peace comes from knowing who you truly are. That you are one with Source/God/Infinite Intelligence. (For simplicity’s sake, I’ll refer to this as Infinite Intelligence from now on). It’s the same analogy I’ve used in the past – we are drops of water in the ocean. Drops of water cannot be separated from the ocean and its great expanse.

The issue is that knowing this logically in our minds is completely different from having the experience and feeling of this in our bodies. This is the key to keep coming back to an experience of inner peace. And then how do we feel it in our everyday life? Feeling into the Oneness of who we are seems easier when we are away on a retreat, or meditating. But then what about when we’re with our kids, our family, our coworkers?

I’d like to share a simple truth with you. To find peace, we have to go INSIDE ourselves. The easiest way to FEEL inside ourselves is to breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth (diaphragm breathing) and focus on your breath. This will help to quiet your mind. More than that, it will bring you into presence. And it’s important to understand that Presence is where your Power is. I’ll repeat that – PRESENCE IS WHERE YOUR POWER IS.

Being in your mind and allowing all the thoughts, worries, and fears to
run your life is not presence. You see, our mind was never meant to run our lives. We are meant to run our lives. And “we” are all energy, a part of and are Infinite Intelligence. You know, you’re a spirit having a physical body experience. Energy can never be destroyed or created, it just IS. Now let that sink in for a moment because knowing it logically and experiencing it in your body are two different things.

As we gain awareness of our presence and begin to find our power through our breath, then we can actually start to feel what is in our bodies. I’ve created a meditation based on Eckhart Tolle’s book, The Power of Now, which you can hear now for free – This will help you experience your Oneness.

guided meditation

Then, what you want to do is to recognize the physical sensation you feel in your body once you experience this meditation. And as you can more easily identify the feeling, you’ll actually be able to bring yourself there without the meditation, just by using your breath and turning inwards.

Eckhart Tolle teaches us to maintain some of this inner awareness as we go about our day. Not to give all our attention and energy to everything that is outside ourselves. And as we do this, it’s easier to be in peace. The first time I tried this meditation after I created it from his book, I felt so wonderful, that I did it again – twice in a row. It felt like I was coming home to me, to who I was.

What I do for myself and my kids isn’t who I am. I am the presence and stillness within me. I am my spirit and soul. And this identity that I’ve created through my personality is just that – an identity. Even that is not who I AM.

So I invite you to turn inwards and experience PEACE. If you’re afraid of what you may feel, don’t be! It will be wonderful. And then what you’ll want to realize, is next time you have a reaction to someone or something, just know that isn’t you reacting. It’s your scared little girl/boy who was stuck in time being triggered by a wound that is ready to be healed. But when you are present, and can breathe through the feelings of the reaction, then you can hear your little girl/boy, ask what they feel and want to say to you. And all you have to do is listen. Let them be heard, let them know they are safe, and invite them to come back to you fully free (instead of being stuck in the frozen feeling of fear, anger or sadness). Once you can do this, it brings you peace that surpasses all understanding – you are on the path to “remembering”.

It’s a beautiful process to help you release all stuck emotions, and bring yourself fully into your power and inner peace. If you want help in remembering who you truly are, I’m happy to spend time with you on your journey. And we have lots of ways to interact together – from one on one, group, retreats, courses, meditations and more intensive executive coaching. Find what resonates for you and let me know.

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Golden Healings Services Available

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