If you are a coach or mentor and have elite clients you would like to host retreats for, you’ve come to the right place!

You want the best for your clients and their transformation, and as such, supporting your material with group shamanic healings and drumming circles can accentuate their ability to break through what has been holding them back.  The power of bringing your clients together in the container of a retreat format is a beautiful way to accelerate their growth and their results. Plus, when shamanic healing, drumming, and messages are part of your work, the transformations can be life-changing.

You can choose from various packages of services that are available and tailored to your course material. Tina Bishai, a shamanic practitioner, will attend your retreats onsite to provide these services and facilitate the physical, emotional, and energetic transformation that is available to your clients through the experiences provided by Tina.

Have a look at the testimonials below to get an idea of the transformations your clients can achieve. The experience has been incredible!



Ashley Boonenberg

Dianna Goodsky