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How To Live With Wisdom

Written by Tina Bishai

Have you ever wondered how you can be wiser? Maybe you’ve thought about this for yourself at some point in time.

We often think that wisdom comes with age and experience. Isn’t that the old saying? But is that really true?

Wisdom comes from understanding and studying the Laws of the Universe (God/Source) and from increasing your awareness. It’s easy to be happy when things are going well. How about when we meet with challenges – are you able to bring your wisdom forward to help you during challenging times?

I’ve called on a spirit helper of mine to give us a teaching on wisdom, so we can take it and apply it to our everyday lives…

Wisdom is elusive to so many. It is the very essence of who you are, in fact. Did you hear me? It is the very essence of WHO YOU ARE! What I mean by this, is that wisdom is your TRUTH. It is yours always, however it is not always accessible to you at every moment of time. Why do you block such a thing from your being? It may be fear, worry, doubt, anxiety, or troubles that you simply can’t get out of your mind, or so you think you can’t.

I would like to encourage you today, as many of you need to hear this. Do you know how much power you have? You have the ability to be a pure vessel and channel for love, and for wisdom. Simply remove all the things that keep you asleep- the aforementioned items of fear, worry, doubt, anxiety or troubles.

When you feel into the words written here, what do you feel? Many of you will know in your heart that this is Truth. Some of you may doubt, and that is okay too. But every time you experience Truth, ask for a sign. It may be the hairs on your arms standing up, or a deep warmth in your heart, or you may feel as though you are being embraced with love. These are simply examples. And with every one of you that asks for a sign to know when you are hearing Truth, this is how you will connect more deeply to wisdom

Photos taken by Tina Bishai

I want to remind you how magnificently created you are. Each one of you. Whether you believe you have this ability or that ability; this disability or that disability. It does not change the very fact that you were created in the most beautiful of ways for you. There is hope, there is freedom in accepting yourself as you are. This is part of knowing wisdom.

There is hope and there is freedom in…

  • Believing in yourself (not your ego self, but in your Spirit self)
  • Watching the sunrise
  • Watching the morning dew on the grass
  • Being in nature and experiencing all of the creation
  • Wondering about your creation
  • Accepting yourself fully (in the knowledge that God doesn’t make mistakes)
  • Feeling the warmth of the breeze on your face
  • Casting your eyes upon others with love
  • Knowing that you can make a difference in the simplest of ways
  • Understanding that God is Good
  • Truly believing that you are here for a reason at this time and in this moment

Don’t stay small, dear ones. Don’t stay small. You can know wisdom as you experience hope and freedom.

If you haven’t already asked for a sign to know when you hear or experience Truth, then go ahead and ask now.

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